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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Top Three Websites I found from Company Magazine!

Today, whilst I was reading company magazine, (amazing by the way) I found some amazing clothes websites that also had codes for discounts on them. Here are my top three...

The first, Rev UK, has a great range of beautiful summer playsuits, lots of floral, and just many many pretty girly clothing! I absolutely LOVE these items below from Rev UK. Which one do you think i should buy?! (It will be for my holiday in Greece this summer, but also for hot weather in England, which is normally quite unheard of! )
I love this pattern, and the belt adds a lovely cherry on the top of a gorgeous outfit!

I do also love this one, i'm not sure if i like the colour as  much as the first one, but i prefer the shape. 

This jean one is so cool! It's preppy , feminine, and i love jean jumpsuits. 

comment about your favourite!

Next website....! 
This is a slightly bit cheaper than the first website, but not by much. I do prefer the first one, but if you're going for cheaper, then this website's better. 
okay ... my top three items! 
I really like this dress, I like the pockets on the side, and I really like floaty dresses.
however, my mum thinks it's a bit too grown up for me and I see where she's coming from. 

Splash the colour! Love this dress, it would make such a statement at a party. I really like the flower on the shoulder detail.

This is just a typical WOW dress. It looks so amazing! This is a dress though that I don't think i would ever get to wear that many times, so I don't know how much I'd get out of it. Again, a bit too grown-up for me. Just a thought, I think it may be a little uncomfortable if it was quite thin... so not sure about that.

comment about your favourite!

Next website! ...
If you get over the over-editing of the models and some of the dresses being, well, barely even tops, and look for just what you like, there are some lovely things! Also relatively cheap.

I really like this maxi, and it would be good over a bikini on holiday. 

Vintage is definitely back in! This 50's style dress with a tight belt and floral print would look great with some bold lippy and a pair of stilettos.  

Yes it's a bit short and quite cheap looking... But I really like the lace detailing and the one arm really works. If i had this dress, i would buy it a size too big, so it was a bit longer and less fitted, which is sometimes better when you're trying to make a good impression. I love the model's hair in this, and her big earrings really work. I'd add some dark lippy, and black heels. In the evening, it would be hard to stay warm as it's so thin, and also, putting on a cardi would ruin the affect of the one shoulder. I also really like this dress in white, it's more pretty that this one, which the red shows lust and passion, which isn't always what you want. The white really isn't practical though, and I have no idea what underwear I would wear with it, as it would show so badly! 

comment....Which one should i buy?! And which one do you like the most? 
Thanks xxx

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