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Tuesday, 14 June 2011


My life is always acting as a puzzle,
A piece missing every time I try to slot the tricky shapes together.
This time there was all but one piece.
A valuable section wrenched from the bottom of my soul.
A piece of paper torn in two
A shattered window fractured at the heart
A broken home, licked by intruding flames
Engulfed in a blinding shut-eye smoke.
The missing piece was dark, and tall, taller than many pieces i knew -
A smile stretched over his puzzled face, looking for the rest of the Jigsaw.
But lust had overcome him
A Lion to a Deer,
A new puzzle filled his inquisitive mind.
My puzzle was picked from his brain and dumped in  an alleyway, forgotten and lost.
He had moved on, onto a new Jigsaw.
I writhe in pain.
Not at a missing puzzle piece, but at the absence of a part of my heart.
Lust licked its' luscious lips and beckoned the Boy with her.

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  1. just a thought, one of those poems i didn't draft, so i'm quite pleased with the results. What do you think?