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Thursday, 23 June 2011

AHHH! GCSE English oral!

Today, I was told that I need to start preparing for my GCSE English oral. I have been told it can be about anything really, anything at all, as long as it is interesting, new and relevant. I was thinking of doing something to do with sport, as I love everything to do with sport, but I'm not all too sure about it, as it's such a wide topic, and I wouldn't really know what part to focus on.
So, Bloggers of the world,
Think, if you had to listen to an aural that was up to ten minutes long, what would you want to listen to?
Please get back to me anyone!
I have to decide soon and I would love to know what other people think too.
So please, any ideas at all, I would really value.
Thank you!


  1. wow this is so complicated! I think you shold speak what you most love and worry less with what the persons would want listen! If you speak about what you undertand, you'll be able to get the attetion of anyone! So, my cute dear, I wish you all the luck with your english oral! And I really want to know the result! So, I ask you back: what do you love speak about?


    ps.: sorry for the bad english

  2. Thanks for your feedback!
    I love anything sport related, as I love sport!
    Ithought that this would be a good topic to do it on, and, being a girl I chose equality towards women in sport. What do you think?