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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Summer packing! part two

6) SHOES. A pair or two of heels- not sky-high uncomfortable ones - but smaller wedges which are far more comfy. Two pairs of flip flops - a pair of really nice ones that are not great for by the pool, but lovely for the night, and a pair of really cheap Primark flip-flops that are very light and you can leave them there if you want. 
A pair of sandals, like gladiators. They are far more supportive than just normal flip-flops, and are very pretty. They also go with everything.

7) An amazing pair of pajamas. Comfy and gorgeous at the same time! In quite a lot of hot summery countries you won't want long anything - cotton short sleeves will do perfect.

8) A few really pretty summery clothes, things like just bright coloured vest tops, and a floral cotton skirt. I suggest something like this Hollister dress, relatively cheap, and really lovely.

I have the blue one! £36.

9) A really nice bag, that can be taken down to the beach and won't get wrecked and full of sand, but you can also take it into town with you.

10) Things to keep you busy!
magazines, (think first...magazines are quite heavy to carry with you all the way, but will the county you are going to have magazines in your language?) Ipods are always good, and you can listen to it while you are working out...! Crosswords and books are great too - but again they are heavy - a fantastic alternative is the kindle, at £111, it can hold thousands of books, and it weighs less than a 300 page paper back book, and very small too.

11) money. Depending on how long you are going for, you will without a doubt need some sort of money. Think first before you leave... is the currency of that country the same? If not, where can you exchange money? It's definitely a better idea to exchange money in your own country, because you will find it much easier and also you could save yourself lots of money.

12) family and friends. Exploring on your own is great - but what are you going to do if you run out of money, or need something? And for the company as well. Spending a lovely holiday with the most lovely people is the best feeling ever!

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