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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hey beautiful!

As Molly has no doubt told you, I’m Dominique, her guest blogger. (:
I was thinking about something good to blog about (first impressions last haha) while watching Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance music video.
While racking through my brain for various ideas, the camera zoomed in on Lady Gaga’s shoes. 

I’m sure most of us recognize them.
Alexander-McQueen-2010-Womens-Collection-14-403x600.jpgI couldn’t resist researching a little more about them, because I was sure I’d seen them on the runway somewhere...

Then I found it! 10 Inch heels designed by the glorious Alexander McQueen, as seen in his Spring Summer 2010 Runway show.
I love it every time a genius designer creates a statement piece that can be identified so quickly. Sure, these may not be the most practical shoes, but damn they’re hot!!
What do you think?
I’m tempted to hunt them down, just to see if I can walk in them.



  1. Thanks hunny!
    Hope it's ok!
    mollyamberr x x x

  2. Alexander MacQueen is extraordinary... period! But I'm sure I'll kiss the floor if I wear those incredible shoes! lol


  3. those shoes are insane!

    - lamodequivole.blogspot.com

  4. Haha I know - you wonder how she doesn't at least twist an ankle!
    love, mollamberr x