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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Swim Wear This Summer!

I L.O.V.E. a beautiful bikini or cozzie. They can be however you want them to be, and whilst on holiday this year in Greece, I intend to sit by a pool outside our Villa all day and get a tan with a big pair of sunglasses, some chunky bracelets, red lippy, a good book, and an outrageous bikini or swimming costume. Now, being the swimmer that I am, (I swim 8 to 10 hours a week with my club competitively) I have at least 12 swimming costumes i wear for training, but to be honest, i don't want to have awful tan lines and a tanned hole on my back where my cozzie finishes. So, after browsing around a bit and looking for some bikinis, i did find some fab ones. I felt the need for a statement bikini after watching The Only Way Is Essex, when Mark had the pool party. I loved Chloe Simms' over the top flower bikini. Even though she probably wouldn't have gone in the pool at all, she looked great and it made her boobs also look bigger than they already were. It would be a good bikini if you were quite flat chested too! (saying it bluntly )

I love Amy's bikini (left) as it really compliments her hair and skin. 
Chloe's bikini (central) is nice, but i think it doesn't really suit her big boobs, it's a bit slaggy. BUT, it is really cool!
Mary Fowler is one of the only more natural girls on TOWIE, and this black cut out swimming costume is so slimming and looks great on her with those big earrings and lovely necklace!
I know a lot of these cutouts are black, but they are so brilliant that they don't need to be brightly coloured or incredibly intricate. Believe me, if you're wearing this, you're going to be bigger that the birthday girl at her own birthday!

I really like this Asos cut-out swimsuit. I love the ruffles on the top, and black is a slimming colour which is good. I don't think it's all that practical for actually swimming, but i have to say you would definitely get some compliments in it! At £14 it's also really cheap!
http://victorias-vintage.blogspot.com  << I am actually IN LOVE with this blog. It's so...pretty! and has some other things i like on it too.

I really like this Primark Bikini, it's really nice. I love the button detailing and the fact that the top is more like a bra, and a bit more supportive. The most brilliant thing is...It's only £7! score!
I also think that if you wanted to do some style icon imitation, this bikini is a lot like chloe simm's from TOWIE's bikini. 
Obviously, not everyone has such a good figure, but then not everyone has hundreds of pounds to spend on surgery. Chloe seems lovely on the show, but i think she would appeal to a lot more people if she was a little more classy. 

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