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Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Starbucks! YES. The best place for an amazing hot chocolate with marshmallows, or a skinny iced mocha (Sophie's favourite!) or even just the classic coffee. It is the perfect place to be when it is absolutely pouring with rain, as I have found out on various occasions! Isn't it so nice to come in from the rain when you are soaking, to sit down with a warm drink and a muffin?! Mmmmm. And the sofas! I mean, I NEED one of them. Possibly the most comfy chair I have ever sat in - being deadly serious! I could go on all day! But, as much as I LOVE Starbucks, at the moment, I seem to be spending every Friday in there with my friend Sophie. Not saying that's a bad thing, because it's not at all! But...just seem to be spending all my money in Starbucks as it's so expensive. In movies, like The Devil Wears Prada, every morning Meryl Streep is brought a coffee. It's such a sophisticated thing to be drinking! I'm not really of the age where I drink coffee and I think it's a little gross, but I know the whole of the adult population working in offices love a cup of coffee in the morning before work. Even just sitting in Starbucks with Sophie, I saw at least ten business men and women coming in to grab a coffee in their breaks. I may have a few years to properly get into coffee, but I will never get too old for a trip to Starbucks with a friend.


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