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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Joys Of Friendship

Friendship is a very hard thing to commit to and come by, but they are there for you throughout thick and thin, and are there to catch your tears whenever they fall. They are the ones you can tell everything to- and a good friend won't spread. It's a natural relationship- you  just 'click' with each other. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it just doesn't, and thats okay. Not everyone are programmed to get on with everyone. Not everyone always fits like a jigsaw piece. But when you do find someone that does just 'click' with you, isn't it fantastic?! You just feel like for once, you can be at ease with that person and you can completely open up to them. However, jigsaws that fit together are never the same. Each piece that makes it up is completely different, and to get the finished piece they all have to fit together snugly. A metaphor for friendship if you like, you need to respect each others differences. If everyone was the same life would be very boring, do whilst looking for a friend you have to look for someone who may like the same things as you, or see the same in a boy, but everyone is different and people have good and bad days- one should respect this and give others space to grow. Somehow, i always seem to fall for the people who aren't completely loyal to me. I have had friends in the past who I've opened to and haven't exactly been the bundle of joy i'd been hoping they would be. throughout life, you will find friends, be approached by others, fall out, and get back together- all in a funny order. But hey, thats okay!


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