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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Say It With Flowers!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Incredible nails

For holiday, or even for just a normal day, everyone wants themselves to look lovely. Whether it be clothes, shoes, hair, make-up or nails. With nails, you could just paint them one block colour like pink or red, or you could go a little more out there with metallic, neon or pastel colours. Even more out there... french manicure in lots of different colours, fake nails, like gel nails which are semi permanent, acrylic nails, or self adhesive glue on nails in thousands of colours and lengths.
But my favourite of all, is when you paint your own nails with patterns - things like the flags of your country, or hearts and stars, or strawberries. to do this, you need to have special applicators for your nail varnishes.
This is one of my friends nails
Apples - my friends nails
Strawberries- A fellow blogger's nails
I  mean, aren't they just fantastic!
Hand Painted patterns on acrylic nails

My nails for the Royal Wedding!

For holiday this year my mum and I are going to get our nails done in a salon, acrylics or gel nails. I haven't decided what I'm going to get yet - I can't stand my nails being too long and I don't want them to look cheap and chavvy. I am looking for a classic chic look, so I was going to get acrylic french manicured nails, what does anyone think?
mollyamberr x x

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Summer packing! part two

6) SHOES. A pair or two of heels- not sky-high uncomfortable ones - but smaller wedges which are far more comfy. Two pairs of flip flops - a pair of really nice ones that are not great for by the pool, but lovely for the night, and a pair of really cheap Primark flip-flops that are very light and you can leave them there if you want. 
A pair of sandals, like gladiators. They are far more supportive than just normal flip-flops, and are very pretty. They also go with everything.

7) An amazing pair of pajamas. Comfy and gorgeous at the same time! In quite a lot of hot summery countries you won't want long anything - cotton short sleeves will do perfect.

8) A few really pretty summery clothes, things like just bright coloured vest tops, and a floral cotton skirt. I suggest something like this Hollister dress, relatively cheap, and really lovely.

I have the blue one! £36.

9) A really nice bag, that can be taken down to the beach and won't get wrecked and full of sand, but you can also take it into town with you.

10) Things to keep you busy!
magazines, (think first...magazines are quite heavy to carry with you all the way, but will the county you are going to have magazines in your language?) Ipods are always good, and you can listen to it while you are working out...! Crosswords and books are great too - but again they are heavy - a fantastic alternative is the kindle, at £111, it can hold thousands of books, and it weighs less than a 300 page paper back book, and very small too.

11) money. Depending on how long you are going for, you will without a doubt need some sort of money. Think first before you leave... is the currency of that country the same? If not, where can you exchange money? It's definitely a better idea to exchange money in your own country, because you will find it much easier and also you could save yourself lots of money.

12) family and friends. Exploring on your own is great - but what are you going to do if you run out of money, or need something? And for the company as well. Spending a lovely holiday with the most lovely people is the best feeling ever!

Summer packing! part one

Packing is a hard thing to do, especially if you are going far a way for a long time. This is because one has to strike the balance between enough clothes - and not too many. Packing is especially hard if you are flying, because there are SO many things that you are not allowed to take on the plane that by any other mode of transport you could have... things like lighters in your hand luggage, (if you are a smoker) scissors - nail or from your pencil case, or food, which is so necessary for long journeys. I think one of the most annoying rules when flying is the limited liquid rule. I know it's for a good reason, but not having your favourite shampoo or conditioner is frankly just annoying. I call the whole thing Savvy Packing - knowing how much you need, and being able to pack your things quickly, I mean, those surprise weekends to Paris that are sprung on you by your boyfriend don't give you all that much time to pack...!
So, down to the actual packing...
What the hell do I pack?!
1) Toiletries. Remember if you are flying they will have a problem with make-up remover if it's a liquid, (rather than wipes) shampoo, conditioner, body wash, e.t.c. Toiletries include things like your toothbrush and toothpaste- SO essential. Also it includes any perfume, make-up nail varnish and deodorants you may want.

2) Jewellery and accessories. (It does really depend on where you are going as to what you will be taking but as it's summer and I'm going to Greece I thought I'd focus it on that...) I will be taking a limited supply of jewellery, as because it will be so hot, I don't think I will be bothering all that much with jewellery. I'll be taking, my watch necklace, some big chunky plastic Topshop bracelets, and a few rings. Being in the pool most of the day will mean that I probably won't be wearing much jewellery, as it can get ruined.
Also remember belts and hair pieces. I love the small little weaved/plaited leather belts you can get cheap in New Look or Primark. Bows are going to be in again this summer, as they are effortless and gorgeous. You can actually make them yourself - just get some garden wire and put it on a piece of pretty fabric, then fold up the fabric and sew the edges together.

3) Sunglasses.
A hot summer's holiday will be completely ruined if you haven't got a decent pair of sunglasses. They are a complete essential to avoiding heatstroke and headaches. Also, the UV rays are really bad for your eyes, so splashing a bit of cash for a nice pair of sunglasses that are both chic but protective will never hurt anyone. I have three pairs now - seem to have acquired some in the New Look sale...! I do have a pair of proper ray bans, they weren't cheap, but they will last me forever and it's worth it.

4) Swimwear.
If you are going to be in a pool or the sea all holiday, you need some bikinis or swimming costumes - one isn't really enough!
I would say two bikinis (tops and bottoms) that you can mix and match with each other, because then you can have four looks, and one swimming costume. I don't mean a boring speedo one- perhaps a cutout costume or a strapless one? They are very good if you are having a 'fat day' after too many ice creams, or you are a bit burned from yesterday's bathing.

5) a jumpsuit, playsuit, or maxi dress. Casual for the day with no make-up, big sunnies and flip-flops with a bikini under neath, and it can be transformed in the night for a more sophisticated look with earrings, heels and some lovely lipstick.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hey beautiful!

As Molly has no doubt told you, I’m Dominique, her guest blogger. (:
I was thinking about something good to blog about (first impressions last haha) while watching Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance music video.
While racking through my brain for various ideas, the camera zoomed in on Lady Gaga’s shoes. 

I’m sure most of us recognize them.
Alexander-McQueen-2010-Womens-Collection-14-403x600.jpgI couldn’t resist researching a little more about them, because I was sure I’d seen them on the runway somewhere...

Then I found it! 10 Inch heels designed by the glorious Alexander McQueen, as seen in his Spring Summer 2010 Runway show.
I love it every time a genius designer creates a statement piece that can be identified so quickly. Sure, these may not be the most practical shoes, but damn they’re hot!!
What do you think?
I’m tempted to hunt them down, just to see if I can walk in them.


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Guest Blogger Dominique!

Hi Lovelies!
As some of you may know, recently I created a poll on my IFB account to look for interesting and new posts from a lovely guest blogger.
I found the lovely Dominique, (she actually found me. ) who was really enthusiastic, and raring to go!
Here's her blog, take a look, really like her posts on summer maxi-skirts!
I think having guest bloggers is really good for both people, as it promotes both blogs.
I'll have her post soon, so watch out for it!
Thanks for the continued support,
mollyamberr x x x

Monday, 11 July 2011

Thank you everyone!

I thought I would do a post just to say thank you to all my followers and people who have visited or commented on my blog, I have had just over 500 views!
I have worked really hard to make my blog interesting for all you lovelies!
I hope my hard work has paid off.
So, a big thank you to you all.
lots of love,
mollyamberr x x x

Saturday, 9 July 2011


Believe me, these shops are going to go out of business when my blog followers and I are done.
This is my new most visited shop online... !
meow box jewellery and accessories

Only problem?
Looking at them makes me peckish... :)
Mollyamberr x

Dinosaur Jewellery

I have much love for 'Dino-jewels'!
They are so sweet. I mean, who wouldn't want a necklace with a green dino on it!
They are also SO different. Everyone will be looking, and that is JUST what you want!


Mollyamberr x
Today, I learnt TWO invaluable life skills. Yes, they are both related to fashion and clothing, but still. If I am stuck somewhere without a blanket, I can make myslef one. (so long as I have knitting needles and wool.)
So the first, is that this morning, my granny, who is currently knitting the royal family, taught me the basic of knitting.
Granny-ish thing to be able to do you may ask?!
Ok, so I challenge you to go into Topshop and find a woolen sweater that had been knitted that you DON'T like. Believe it or not, it's just not going to happen. I know not everyone likes the Christmas jumper that there grandmother knits them, but I personally love them, as they are a one off piece that is unique.
Also, boyfriend cardigans are lovely, and I particularly love the knitted ones Topshop do.
SO... next time you're thinking - knitting is SUCH a granny sort of thing to do, think again...
Mollyamberr x

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Rosie Huntington - whitely

Rosie Huntington - whitely

My new favourite model/actress. Rosie has just had a massive break in her career with Transformers 3. I wish her all the luck with it, she WILL become incredibly popular. Watch out, here comes Whitely!
Mollyamberr x x x

On A girl's Night Out outfit 2

On A girl's Night Out outfit 2

On a girls night out 2.
I love blue this summer, and it's definitely back in!
I have teemed This classically pretty dress with bold and sharp looking jewellery, which gives it an interesting and contrasting look.
mollyamberr xx x
On A girl's Night Out outfit 2 by mollyamberr