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Friday, 1 July 2011


Sitting down wondering what life is all about,
I take out my camera
And catch a glimpse of life from another perspective,
A tree swaying
A grasshopper jumping
A lion pouncing
I get a fragment of the earth in one frame,
Like a shattered ruler or a broken window.
Each frame captures something new,
Light changes the angle of my photo,
Weather alters the final product.
The photo will later show a glimpse,
From the future to the past,
A time capsule showing life how it was.
A fleck of paint on  a canvas,
A piece of fluff on a woolen jumper,
A poem stuck in the world's thoughts.


  1. I love this poem. Seeing I take photos too I can relate to this ;o)


  2. Thanks for stopping by!
    I love writing poems.
    I'll check out your blog and follow if you like, maybe you could do the same?
    mollyamberr x