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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Today, I learnt TWO invaluable life skills. Yes, they are both related to fashion and clothing, but still. If I am stuck somewhere without a blanket, I can make myslef one. (so long as I have knitting needles and wool.)
So the first, is that this morning, my granny, who is currently knitting the royal family, taught me the basic of knitting.
Granny-ish thing to be able to do you may ask?!
Ok, so I challenge you to go into Topshop and find a woolen sweater that had been knitted that you DON'T like. Believe it or not, it's just not going to happen. I know not everyone likes the Christmas jumper that there grandmother knits them, but I personally love them, as they are a one off piece that is unique.
Also, boyfriend cardigans are lovely, and I particularly love the knitted ones Topshop do.
SO... next time you're thinking - knitting is SUCH a granny sort of thing to do, think again...
Mollyamberr x


  1. boyfriend cardigens are great ..they go with kinda everything :D great blog :)
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  2. I know!
    Thank you, I'll follow you back if you like?
    mollyamberr x x x