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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Nails. Again.

So maybe, just maybe, I am becoming obsessed with nails.
Whilst in London yesterday, i found a fabulous stall selling nail products.
I could see the lady doing a demo, but all I could see was her stamping someones' nail - i didn't quite get it until she did it to me. It's such a clever kit, i just HAD to buy one, and the results are salon quality - no jokes!
A man who was also running the stall showed me how it worked, by applying nail varnish to a template then making a print and printing it onto the nail. He said "if i can do it, anyone can!"
my nails are currently red with black flowers on them, and a rhinestone at the centre of each flower. It took half an hour to do them all and i have to admit - they look beautiful! I'll upload a picture another time as i am currently camera-less.
heres a fellow blogger's nails.. and don't they look amazing!


                                                            youtube moyou nail demo

This just proves how easy it is!
I have one and i can honestly say they do everything they say they do.

love, mollyamberr xx

Friday, 12 August 2011

Thank you everyone for your continued support !

So I've just reached the 1,000 views mark. This, is not because i force people to look at my blog, it's purely because all you wonderful people out there want to see what I've written and want to support me. I've only had a blog for a little while, and I have to say I was truely astounded by how much good feedback I have got.
So what I say to you, That is the readers of my blog, is THANK YOU.
I love each and every one of you.
lots of love,
mollyamberr x x x
love is all you need <3
bestfriends xx

keep loving, keep blogging, and keep following! 

Thursday, 4 August 2011


So I thought I would do a competition for you all...!
I have got some things that I thought are really lovely from different places - I'm a bargain hunter! Includes places like the body shop, Baylis and harding, the body shop, and boots. Here is the first one, two brand new boots body washes, lime and raspberry, with a body shop body sponge and a body gel.
This is a great pressie and seeing as they are small, they would all be brilliant for any summery holiday! 

The next giveaway is another great gift - it is a brand new Baylis and Harding sweet mandarin and grapefruit balancing body wash that comes with a fabulous gold sparkly case with a zip! It's so fun and would be a great present too. 

How gorgeous! 
Sorry about the awful photo quality - my phone is nowhere near as good as my camera. 

SO. How do you win these gorgeous gifts?! 
1) follow me on blogger
2) follow me on twitter ( the info is on my home page of my blog on  the right) 
3) comment on this post as to why you should win...I'm sure you all deserve it, but I will choose the top ten best answers then out of this use random.org to choose one. 
the last thing to say is...
Have a lovely holiday everyone. 
mollyamberr x x 

Top 10 things to do a blog post about

Sometimes i get a bit stuck as to what to do a blog post on when I get writer's block... It's always great to have some ideas up your sleeve.
I have three tips for you that will become invaluable ...
1) Look at your blog stats. These are really good because they show you from what other websites people are visiting your blog from, or what search results they are putting in that leas to your blog. From it I found that someone found my blog by searching Hollister, so I know that I can get a lot of views by writing a blog about Hollister.
2) advertise your blog in as many places as you can. Using lots of different networking sites is a good way for people to see your blog. Here are some top places to be part of...
2i) Facebook... post your blog as a status or make a page or a 'like'
2ii) Independent Fashion Bloggers. INVALUABLE. So amazing for promoting your blog, honestly!
2iii) Polyvore. Great for creating collages that always look really professional on your blog.
2iiii) Fashiolista... You can 'love' all your favourite style pieces whilst making some new friends.
2iiiii) lastly... Twitter. As well as checking out what the stars are doing, it can be great to network with magazine editors for ideas, and good for promoting your blog too.

So, here's my top ten! Enjoy...!
1) something you want, what's on your wish list?
2) A trend you love
3) an item of clothing you love or something else you have that you love.
4) review a product you have/want.
5) Favourite model or fashion designer,why are they so great?
7) Your closet, how is it organised? What's in it?
8) holidays...there's one EVERY month, so make the most of it!
9) your favourite magazine, book or film. Why is it so special? 
10) Your favourite blog at the moment...it's so great to support each other, and you can get a few more followers and the person who has the blog will be incredibly flattered! 
hope it helps all you people out there stuck on what to write...! 
love, mollyamberr x x

leather earrings

Hi lovelies!
Leather Earrings 
I have only really heard about Leather Earrings recently. When I first heard about it, it sounded like a really funny thing to do, but when I looked into it more I found they are very high fashion - especially if they have fringing on them. A lot of them are quite African inspired - these first ones are massive! Leather earrings are good however because they are really light. 

I loved these hair and leather earrings. They are crazy and I would never wear them! But they are high fashion and something different, and at the end of the day just because they are crazy, you would go noticed wearing them. Saying so, you would have to have your hair up for the earrings to be properly seen, and give the full effect. A sleek ponytail or high bun would look great. 

Slicked back hair and big earrings works a treat.

These leather earrings would look really nice with a high bun, maxi dress and sunnies on holiday. Because they are such a statement, you don't need very bold prints or much make-up, and when you have a tan you will look gorgeous anyway.