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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Top 10 things to do a blog post about

Sometimes i get a bit stuck as to what to do a blog post on when I get writer's block... It's always great to have some ideas up your sleeve.
I have three tips for you that will become invaluable ...
1) Look at your blog stats. These are really good because they show you from what other websites people are visiting your blog from, or what search results they are putting in that leas to your blog. From it I found that someone found my blog by searching Hollister, so I know that I can get a lot of views by writing a blog about Hollister.
2) advertise your blog in as many places as you can. Using lots of different networking sites is a good way for people to see your blog. Here are some top places to be part of...
2i) Facebook... post your blog as a status or make a page or a 'like'
2ii) Independent Fashion Bloggers. INVALUABLE. So amazing for promoting your blog, honestly!
2iii) Polyvore. Great for creating collages that always look really professional on your blog.
2iiii) Fashiolista... You can 'love' all your favourite style pieces whilst making some new friends.
2iiiii) lastly... Twitter. As well as checking out what the stars are doing, it can be great to network with magazine editors for ideas, and good for promoting your blog too.

So, here's my top ten! Enjoy...!
1) something you want, what's on your wish list?
2) A trend you love
3) an item of clothing you love or something else you have that you love.
4) review a product you have/want.
5) Favourite model or fashion designer,why are they so great?
7) Your closet, how is it organised? What's in it?
8) holidays...there's one EVERY month, so make the most of it!
9) your favourite magazine, book or film. Why is it so special? 
10) Your favourite blog at the moment...it's so great to support each other, and you can get a few more followers and the person who has the blog will be incredibly flattered! 
hope it helps all you people out there stuck on what to write...! 
love, mollyamberr x x