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Saturday, 11 June 2011

My Playlist at the moment!

I have written a list of all my favourite songs that I have heard recently, or I have on my iPod playlist. 

Ok, so here goes. 
 ~ The Saturdays... Notorious
Aren't they all so gorgeous! My fave is definitely Rochelle, and i have to say, i am a LITTLE jealous of Marvin, her JLS boyfriend
~ Beyonce...The Best Thing I Never Had 

Gosh isn't she so beautiful. This song, for some reason actually makes me a bit teary, but i think that's because i can relate it to lots of personal experiences. Won't go into that because it's just SUCH a long story. And i'll get upset! Anyway... Being genuinely serious, i have had this song on repeat for about 5 hours now. I L.O.V.E it.

 ~ DJ Fresh...Gold Dust
I know this isn't a mainstream song, but just imagine being in a bangin' club in the summer in Ibiza! Lovely summer tuuuune! Also, the video is pretty cool.

~ Wiz Kalifha... Roll up
I love this song a lot. For me, it's not the beat or the video, it's the actual lyrics. They are so personal and this is another song that when i related it to myself, i nearly cried! Wicked song for now and the summer. 

~ Kings Of Leon...Radioactive
The KOL boys yumyumyum. (the two on the right more than the left..sorry)

Inna...Deja Vu  
 she can sing amazingly, and she is sooo pretty. 
Brilliant summer song! 

Far East Movement...Rocketeer 
I do really like this song, but it's getting quite old now! Still a really good song and a really good band. 

Nicki Minaj...Super Bass

I love this song! Also, the music video is so good. She is like another Lady GaGa... Can you see a trend appearing? First GaGa, who will always been the queen of weird, then Jesse J, and now Nicki Minaj. It's like a pop star crazy hair day!

Another one of Minaj's songs...your love 

Rihanna... California king bed
Rihanna is the sort of person that you look at and physically say to yourself, wow. Her songs are all amazing and she is also stunning. I love her new red hair as well! she looks natural beautiful here. I love all her songs, but this new one really caught my eye. (Or maybe it caught my ear?!)

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