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Thursday, 23 June 2011

AHHH! GCSE English oral!

Today, I was told that I need to start preparing for my GCSE English oral. I have been told it can be about anything really, anything at all, as long as it is interesting, new and relevant. I was thinking of doing something to do with sport, as I love everything to do with sport, but I'm not all too sure about it, as it's such a wide topic, and I wouldn't really know what part to focus on.
So, Bloggers of the world,
Think, if you had to listen to an aural that was up to ten minutes long, what would you want to listen to?
Please get back to me anyone!
I have to decide soon and I would love to know what other people think too.
So please, any ideas at all, I would really value.
Thank you!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Starbucks! YES. The best place for an amazing hot chocolate with marshmallows, or a skinny iced mocha (Sophie's favourite!) or even just the classic coffee. It is the perfect place to be when it is absolutely pouring with rain, as I have found out on various occasions! Isn't it so nice to come in from the rain when you are soaking, to sit down with a warm drink and a muffin?! Mmmmm. And the sofas! I mean, I NEED one of them. Possibly the most comfy chair I have ever sat in - being deadly serious! I could go on all day! But, as much as I LOVE Starbucks, at the moment, I seem to be spending every Friday in there with my friend Sophie. Not saying that's a bad thing, because it's not at all! But...just seem to be spending all my money in Starbucks as it's so expensive. In movies, like The Devil Wears Prada, every morning Meryl Streep is brought a coffee. It's such a sophisticated thing to be drinking! I'm not really of the age where I drink coffee and I think it's a little gross, but I know the whole of the adult population working in offices love a cup of coffee in the morning before work. Even just sitting in Starbucks with Sophie, I saw at least ten business men and women coming in to grab a coffee in their breaks. I may have a few years to properly get into coffee, but I will never get too old for a trip to Starbucks with a friend.


Tuesday, 14 June 2011


My life is always acting as a puzzle,
A piece missing every time I try to slot the tricky shapes together.
This time there was all but one piece.
A valuable section wrenched from the bottom of my soul.
A piece of paper torn in two
A shattered window fractured at the heart
A broken home, licked by intruding flames
Engulfed in a blinding shut-eye smoke.
The missing piece was dark, and tall, taller than many pieces i knew -
A smile stretched over his puzzled face, looking for the rest of the Jigsaw.
But lust had overcome him
A Lion to a Deer,
A new puzzle filled his inquisitive mind.
My puzzle was picked from his brain and dumped in  an alleyway, forgotten and lost.
He had moved on, onto a new Jigsaw.
I writhe in pain.
Not at a missing puzzle piece, but at the absence of a part of my heart.
Lust licked its' luscious lips and beckoned the Boy with her.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Top Three Websites I found from Company Magazine!

Today, whilst I was reading company magazine, (amazing by the way) I found some amazing clothes websites that also had codes for discounts on them. Here are my top three...

The first, Rev UK, has a great range of beautiful summer playsuits, lots of floral, and just many many pretty girly clothing! I absolutely LOVE these items below from Rev UK. Which one do you think i should buy?! (It will be for my holiday in Greece this summer, but also for hot weather in England, which is normally quite unheard of! )
I love this pattern, and the belt adds a lovely cherry on the top of a gorgeous outfit!

I do also love this one, i'm not sure if i like the colour as  much as the first one, but i prefer the shape. 

This jean one is so cool! It's preppy , feminine, and i love jean jumpsuits. 

comment about your favourite!

Next website....! 
This is a slightly bit cheaper than the first website, but not by much. I do prefer the first one, but if you're going for cheaper, then this website's better. 
okay ... my top three items! 
I really like this dress, I like the pockets on the side, and I really like floaty dresses.
however, my mum thinks it's a bit too grown up for me and I see where she's coming from. 

Splash the colour! Love this dress, it would make such a statement at a party. I really like the flower on the shoulder detail.

This is just a typical WOW dress. It looks so amazing! This is a dress though that I don't think i would ever get to wear that many times, so I don't know how much I'd get out of it. Again, a bit too grown-up for me. Just a thought, I think it may be a little uncomfortable if it was quite thin... so not sure about that.

comment about your favourite!

Next website! ...
If you get over the over-editing of the models and some of the dresses being, well, barely even tops, and look for just what you like, there are some lovely things! Also relatively cheap.

I really like this maxi, and it would be good over a bikini on holiday. 

Vintage is definitely back in! This 50's style dress with a tight belt and floral print would look great with some bold lippy and a pair of stilettos.  

Yes it's a bit short and quite cheap looking... But I really like the lace detailing and the one arm really works. If i had this dress, i would buy it a size too big, so it was a bit longer and less fitted, which is sometimes better when you're trying to make a good impression. I love the model's hair in this, and her big earrings really work. I'd add some dark lippy, and black heels. In the evening, it would be hard to stay warm as it's so thin, and also, putting on a cardi would ruin the affect of the one shoulder. I also really like this dress in white, it's more pretty that this one, which the red shows lust and passion, which isn't always what you want. The white really isn't practical though, and I have no idea what underwear I would wear with it, as it would show so badly! 

comment....Which one should i buy?! And which one do you like the most? 
Thanks xxx

Saturday, 11 June 2011

My Playlist at the moment!

I have written a list of all my favourite songs that I have heard recently, or I have on my iPod playlist. 

Ok, so here goes. 
 ~ The Saturdays... Notorious
Aren't they all so gorgeous! My fave is definitely Rochelle, and i have to say, i am a LITTLE jealous of Marvin, her JLS boyfriend
~ Beyonce...The Best Thing I Never Had 

Gosh isn't she so beautiful. This song, for some reason actually makes me a bit teary, but i think that's because i can relate it to lots of personal experiences. Won't go into that because it's just SUCH a long story. And i'll get upset! Anyway... Being genuinely serious, i have had this song on repeat for about 5 hours now. I L.O.V.E it.

 ~ DJ Fresh...Gold Dust
I know this isn't a mainstream song, but just imagine being in a bangin' club in the summer in Ibiza! Lovely summer tuuuune! Also, the video is pretty cool.

~ Wiz Kalifha... Roll up
I love this song a lot. For me, it's not the beat or the video, it's the actual lyrics. They are so personal and this is another song that when i related it to myself, i nearly cried! Wicked song for now and the summer. 

~ Kings Of Leon...Radioactive
The KOL boys yumyumyum. (the two on the right more than the left..sorry)

Inna...Deja Vu  
 she can sing amazingly, and she is sooo pretty. 
Brilliant summer song! 

Far East Movement...Rocketeer 
I do really like this song, but it's getting quite old now! Still a really good song and a really good band. 

Nicki Minaj...Super Bass

I love this song! Also, the music video is so good. She is like another Lady GaGa... Can you see a trend appearing? First GaGa, who will always been the queen of weird, then Jesse J, and now Nicki Minaj. It's like a pop star crazy hair day!

Another one of Minaj's songs...your love 

Rihanna... California king bed
Rihanna is the sort of person that you look at and physically say to yourself, wow. Her songs are all amazing and she is also stunning. I love her new red hair as well! she looks natural beautiful here. I love all her songs, but this new one really caught my eye. (Or maybe it caught my ear?!)

Swim Wear This Summer!

I L.O.V.E. a beautiful bikini or cozzie. They can be however you want them to be, and whilst on holiday this year in Greece, I intend to sit by a pool outside our Villa all day and get a tan with a big pair of sunglasses, some chunky bracelets, red lippy, a good book, and an outrageous bikini or swimming costume. Now, being the swimmer that I am, (I swim 8 to 10 hours a week with my club competitively) I have at least 12 swimming costumes i wear for training, but to be honest, i don't want to have awful tan lines and a tanned hole on my back where my cozzie finishes. So, after browsing around a bit and looking for some bikinis, i did find some fab ones. I felt the need for a statement bikini after watching The Only Way Is Essex, when Mark had the pool party. I loved Chloe Simms' over the top flower bikini. Even though she probably wouldn't have gone in the pool at all, she looked great and it made her boobs also look bigger than they already were. It would be a good bikini if you were quite flat chested too! (saying it bluntly )

I love Amy's bikini (left) as it really compliments her hair and skin. 
Chloe's bikini (central) is nice, but i think it doesn't really suit her big boobs, it's a bit slaggy. BUT, it is really cool!
Mary Fowler is one of the only more natural girls on TOWIE, and this black cut out swimming costume is so slimming and looks great on her with those big earrings and lovely necklace!
I know a lot of these cutouts are black, but they are so brilliant that they don't need to be brightly coloured or incredibly intricate. Believe me, if you're wearing this, you're going to be bigger that the birthday girl at her own birthday!

I really like this Asos cut-out swimsuit. I love the ruffles on the top, and black is a slimming colour which is good. I don't think it's all that practical for actually swimming, but i have to say you would definitely get some compliments in it! At £14 it's also really cheap!
http://victorias-vintage.blogspot.com  << I am actually IN LOVE with this blog. It's so...pretty! and has some other things i like on it too.

I really like this Primark Bikini, it's really nice. I love the button detailing and the fact that the top is more like a bra, and a bit more supportive. The most brilliant thing is...It's only £7! score!
I also think that if you wanted to do some style icon imitation, this bikini is a lot like chloe simm's from TOWIE's bikini. 
Obviously, not everyone has such a good figure, but then not everyone has hundreds of pounds to spend on surgery. Chloe seems lovely on the show, but i think she would appeal to a lot more people if she was a little more classy. 

Friday, 10 June 2011

The Best Friends ;] n'aaww ;]

Hannah (TC!) Issy, and me! (We were in the Jack Wills changing rooms together, and there was some rust on the mirror, we don't just all have big moles!)
I do loveeeee my friends :) They - and my family of course - are the rock of my life i'm pretty sure. I wanted to tell you about my friends. I have to say... they are all amazing, and i love them all equally! Of course, they are not the only people i socialise with, i would be quite worried if i only had six friends... but these people mentioned are my closet friends at school and whatever happens and however many times we fall out, i love them very VERY much!
The TC friend
Aw bless. My TC friend. This wont mean much to you unless i put a photo of her on. But i'll explain anyway. TC stands for Traffic Cone. This is because... she has orange hair. But not, as she says, on purpose, in fact quite the contrary! My TC friend (Hannah ;] ) meant to die it for about the millionth time light brown. She continously dies it because she with a passion hates her hair, and the PROPER colour for it is strawberry blonde. According to her... strawberry blondes are gingers in denial, so i think i'll stick with ginger! Ok. Back to the story. So she died it supposedly light brown, and left it on too long while she was doing her slap (our groups word for make-up, originating from hannah as well ) AND, when she took the die out, her hair was orange. And, it was fair to say, i think just about everyone that saw her, even people who didn't know her laughed. Because, it was HILARIOUS. But my TC friend hannah is amazing and no matter how much slap she puts on or how many times she dies  her hair she will still be TC. And tbh, i think that her nickname will stay with her through life ;]
I'll continue with this blog when i have the time, as i'm currently at school. And today, TC has made me laugh the most, so i guess she was the first of my friends to come to mind. ite, ta ta x

Soph the model, Emily, Me (in my most favourite jumpsuits i must add!) And Issy the hilarious one;] 
The Model Fash Pash Friend
I love her. 'Her' is Sophie. (far left in photo above.) Sophie is obsessed with everything fashion, glamorous, and vogue! She is not actually a model, but she is really tall, gorgeous, and dresses herself really really well. I like her style anyway, and so does she, so i guess that's all that matters really. http://thechicmuse000.blogspot.com/ << That is her blog. It's amazing and she was the one that really got me into blogging. It has to be said, i have fallen in love with blogging! (and soph of course....) I'm pretty sure her idol is Coco Chanel. She has read her biography millions of times and seems to know everything about her. When someone posted on her Formspring (an anonymous question posting site) that she had no fashion sense, dresses like a Granny and stop talking about Chanel, I thought her come back was fantastic. She said, "Chanel is old enough to be my great grandmother anyway, so you saying that i dress like a granny is not a bad thing". She is incredibly good at English, and although it's an incredibly tough industry, she wants to go into journalism, and preferably fashion journalism. Sophie inspires me so much, because she doesn't mind what people think of what she wears. Yesterday she said that she would be offended if someone told her they didn't like what she was wearing, because at least they had noticed what she was wearing. With a book in publishing and blogs on fashion everywhere, out of all my friends, i think Sophie is the one that is going to make it when she's older the most. And you ask why? She's determined. No matter how many people put her down, she carries on with what she loves and shows people that fashion is not having loads of money and spending it on what you want, but putting together lots of different outfits. I don't think some people understand how big fashion is, and yesterday when we were talking about it she said that if Music is a subject, then shouldn't Fashion be a subject? I have to say she has an amazing point and it would be a really good lesson, incorporating English, Textiles, History and Geography into one subject. Whatever happens, Sophie will make it in whatever she wants, and i won't be all that surprised if, in a few years, she's the leading director of Vogue.

Loveyouu Girl!
The Away-In-The-Clouds-Friend
Ahhh. Emily :) Away in the clouds is kind of an understatement i think! She makes me laugh so much, especially at school as the teachers will ask her things and she will have absolutely NO CLUE what they are on about! I think Emily comes across as quite shy to a lot of people because with new people she is not NEARLY as loud as me or TC (mentioned earlier!) But when you are close with her she is so lovely, hilariously funny and always so bubbly. She is easy to be around, and listens when you need someone to listen to you. Emily and I are constantly laughing about something, whether it is what on earth is that teacher wearing?! Or just general banter at lunchtime. She is so lovely, and i feel so at ease with Emily. I don't have to worry what i look like around her, because were close. And even though we dont always see much of each other, it means there's going to always be something interesting to gossip about. About a week ago, Emily amazed everyone - including herself and the teacher when she got an A* in her R.E GCSE mok exam questions. Don't get me wrong, we weren't surprised that she was clever, but especially the teacher surprised that even though she seems to never know what the teacher is on about, she can get amazing marks :) It was quite funny though, and I think she amazed even herself! Emily is clever, friendly approachable, gorgeous and such a good friend.

The There-For-You-To-Cry-On-Their-Shoulder Friend
Obviously that's not all that Emily (another one! ) is good for. But We just get on so well, and she is ALWAYS there for me to talk to, and she actually listens. She is such an amazing friend, and anyone would be at a loss without a friend like Emily. Emily comes across to other people I think like quite a shy person, but that's just because she's not nearly as noisy as Hannah and I! But that's just a stereotypical first impression. When you are friends with her, she opens up to you about everything, and we are at such an ease with each other - we just 'click'. She is the only person at school that I have every single lesson with, so we always look out for each other no matter what. She can tell when I'm upset, and vice versa, but I thinks that's just because we know each other so well and thoroughly, rather than we have super brain reading powers. I think every day, without fail, Emily and I laugh about something together. No matter how small or big, She's the sort of person you can roll around on the floor laughing with, the sort of best friend that laughs when you trip, but then proceeds to trip over it as well, and the friend that always has a shoulder reserved for your tears. She's beautiful, friendly, hilarious, talkative, and so so so approachable. I honestly don't know WHAT I would do without that girl. She's just always there, not super-glued to my side, but waiting in the background for me the whole time. We are just so close that we can talk about anything together, and that is the true beauty as good as a friendship that Emily and I have with each other.

                                            sorry it's a little rude, but it just sums it up SO beautifully! 

When is a raven like a writing desk?

When is a Raven like a Writing desk?
As a child, i always loved Alice In Wonderland.
This riddle is designed to not make sense - The author Lewis Carroll, has never intended for there to be any real answer to this question. The whole point of the riddle is that it has no answer, although loads of  people have come up with lots of differnt creative interpretations of the riddle. It has always puzzled me to be honest - Why would you want to write a riddle with no answer? The most annoying thing of it all is that however much i try to work out what Carroll means, there is no way we will ever know, as Lewis Carroll died on January 14th in 1898 at the age of 65, due to Pneumonia. I think it is one of those things that Carroll has just added a famous twist and puzzle to the incredibly famous book of Alice In Wonderland. It's such a beautiful book - i think every child should be read it wen they are small. In some ways, Alice reminds me of myself, as she is overly inquisitive and always searching for the next new thing. This riddle ... "when is a raven like a writing desk?" just adds to the beauty of an incredibly beautiful book.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

My Love For Poems

I am in love with poems.
I always have been, and for some reason, i think i always will be. The turn for me was when i won a major national poetry competition called the John Betjeman National Poetry Competition when i was in year 7. It wasn't an easy competition, and when my school teacher asked me to write a poem based on place and surroundings, i just sat down and wrote. I wrote and wrote and wrote, and after what seemed like hours, i had my final poem that i would enter into the competition. It definitely was a lot of hard work! At this point, all i cared about was the fact that the prize was one thousand pounds, fifty pounds of book tokens, and  two tickets on Eurostar to Paris. But when i got a phone call to say i had been long listed out of two thousand poets, i was absolutely ecstatic. And if you think i was excited about being placed in the top 50 and winning a book, you can probably imagine how astonished i was when i found out that i had one out of the whole of Great Britain. I seem to remember crying that night - out of total surprise! I have included the winning poem here, and i'd love to know what you think! Soon, i am publishing my poetry book, but i need sponsors and things like that. I'd love to know if you could help! heres the website if you would like to enter the competition this year.. just sent my entry in! http://www.johnbetjeman.com/comp.html And, as promised, heres the poem... hope you like it!


The snow,
Crisp and new,
Remembers my foot
As it crunches through it.

I make sure that
I am the only one
Who asks the snow to
remember me
Day after day.

There is no colour,
Just white upon white.
The only thing apart from snow
Is us and the tall green trees.

Falling like raindrops from the sky,
I just stand in awe and watch
The Beautiful whiteness
Sit and rest on their

I breathe in the frozen cold air
And watch my dragon breath
Spiral up and out of sight
Just like hot air from a chimney.

I just stop and listen
For the smallest sound
Until my ears
Are screaming in silence.

The snow reminds me
Of precious jewels,
Glistening in
The morning sunshine.

Have you ever been to a place,
Just like this one and felt
completely alone?
Like you have the world in your grasp?
I have.
This is Lapland.
What do you think? Please comment! Thanks 
I will also add the company that really published my poem. It was the Finnish Embassy  in England, and here is the website. http://www.finemb.org.uk/public/default.aspx?contentid=183276&nodeid=35867&contentlan=2&culture=en-GB

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Joys Of Friendship

Friendship is a very hard thing to commit to and come by, but they are there for you throughout thick and thin, and are there to catch your tears whenever they fall. They are the ones you can tell everything to- and a good friend won't spread. It's a natural relationship- you  just 'click' with each other. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it just doesn't, and thats okay. Not everyone are programmed to get on with everyone. Not everyone always fits like a jigsaw piece. But when you do find someone that does just 'click' with you, isn't it fantastic?! You just feel like for once, you can be at ease with that person and you can completely open up to them. However, jigsaws that fit together are never the same. Each piece that makes it up is completely different, and to get the finished piece they all have to fit together snugly. A metaphor for friendship if you like, you need to respect each others differences. If everyone was the same life would be very boring, do whilst looking for a friend you have to look for someone who may like the same things as you, or see the same in a boy, but everyone is different and people have good and bad days- one should respect this and give others space to grow. Somehow, i always seem to fall for the people who aren't completely loyal to me. I have had friends in the past who I've opened to and haven't exactly been the bundle of joy i'd been hoping they would be. throughout life, you will find friends, be approached by others, fall out, and get back together- all in a funny order. But hey, thats okay!

Summer is Coming!

Oh yes. The days that so many people wait for! Ahhh the joys of summer. The flowers are out, the sun SOMETIMES shows its' face through thick English clouds, and i have a tan! Which is always a bonus i think. I have put together a compilation of all my favourite summer clothing that i have seen online, from different websites i have found. The brilliant thing about this is that, us, normal people who don't have trillions of pounds to spend can afford them! However, i have put some designer ones in too to show the difference. As much as i love designer clothes, being a student, i simply cannot afford to splash the cash for a new swimming costume every six months! I hope you like this :) I L.O.V.E jumpsuits. And it has to be said, i think nautical and floral is back in!
 The Hollister Nautical dress... at £40 it's not too expensive.

The H&M nautical dress... much cheaper than the Hollister one at £19.99

                                                      YAY! Primark, possibly my all time fave shop. This dress i think is lovely and would also be good in the winter with a cardi, leggings and uggs.

                                                        This Chanel Jumpsuit is great, and i love it with his little jacket, but i think that the make-up and hair is too fierce for such a casual summer look. And also, it's so expensive and to be honest, i prefer the one from primark!

                                             I love this denim cropped jacket, brogues, satchel and primark jumpsuit. It's trendy, casual and incredibly chic all in one. Definitely a great summer buy!

This is another Primark jumpsuit i found on someone else's blog. I love how she has teemed a lovely jumpsuit with a black cardi, High heels (good for a night out, but you can wear them with flats or gladiators) and a really great pearl necklace! Very chic and cool, BUT, at a fraction of the price!

                                                     I also love play suits- just a short jumpsuit in effect. This particular one is from Primark and i love the colour! It would look great with big sunglasses, a cardi, big pearl necklace, some serious bling and a hair ribbon!

                                                  This season, one of the most fruitful and fabulous trends has been women's playsuits and jumpsuits. Its success must be largely due to the fact that it appeals to fashions fans of vintage style, incorporating looks from the 40s, 50s and 70s, and as a bonus, is highly comfortable and easy to wear.

Try the playsuit or different jumpsuits with a pair of Mary Janes or stilettos and a shiny layer of brick-red lipstick for a classic Femme Fetale ensemble, or a pair of pumps and wavy hair for a more 70s bohemian style.

Jumpsuits for women are fantastically versatile and can be worn sauntering on the beach, or park for a casual and cute girly look, or transformed into a slinky, night time creation with the right heels and handbag. Choose from our range of floral, bandeau and mesh-bow jumpsuits, and our cuter stripy and black luxe playsuits to slouch and strut about in. 

A Storybook Fantasy

Once upon a time a beautiful girl of 15 sat in a gold embellished tower way up high with a dragon to guard her, a pea under her many mattresses, and hair that reached down to the floor. You may think i am talking of a mish-mash of different books read to me as a little girl. But in fact, these enchanted novels are just figures of imagination. No-one would lock their daughter in a tower with a dragon to guard them, no matter how rich they are. These stories, magical woods, evil witches and beautiful princesses shatter the dreams of little children that no, they cannot be a princess when they grow up, but are more likely to work in an office behind a computer. This wish wash of happiness and comical creatures give children the impression that every wood they walk into is enchanted, is full of talking deer, and has a cottage full of dwarfs in the middle. Hate to break it, but things dont always have a happy ending. Many times than not things never happen as planned - and although this isn't necessarily bad, it can be very frustrating when things don't go according to plan. Life ISN'T a fantasy, and children need to stop being told it is.
  So next time you sit down with your child or children for a lovely comforting bedtime story, spare a moment of thought for yourself? Is this really just a happy story full of princes and princesses?