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Thursday, 9 June 2011

My Love For Poems

I am in love with poems.
I always have been, and for some reason, i think i always will be. The turn for me was when i won a major national poetry competition called the John Betjeman National Poetry Competition when i was in year 7. It wasn't an easy competition, and when my school teacher asked me to write a poem based on place and surroundings, i just sat down and wrote. I wrote and wrote and wrote, and after what seemed like hours, i had my final poem that i would enter into the competition. It definitely was a lot of hard work! At this point, all i cared about was the fact that the prize was one thousand pounds, fifty pounds of book tokens, and  two tickets on Eurostar to Paris. But when i got a phone call to say i had been long listed out of two thousand poets, i was absolutely ecstatic. And if you think i was excited about being placed in the top 50 and winning a book, you can probably imagine how astonished i was when i found out that i had one out of the whole of Great Britain. I seem to remember crying that night - out of total surprise! I have included the winning poem here, and i'd love to know what you think! Soon, i am publishing my poetry book, but i need sponsors and things like that. I'd love to know if you could help! heres the website if you would like to enter the competition this year.. just sent my entry in! http://www.johnbetjeman.com/comp.html And, as promised, heres the poem... hope you like it!


The snow,
Crisp and new,
Remembers my foot
As it crunches through it.

I make sure that
I am the only one
Who asks the snow to
remember me
Day after day.

There is no colour,
Just white upon white.
The only thing apart from snow
Is us and the tall green trees.

Falling like raindrops from the sky,
I just stand in awe and watch
The Beautiful whiteness
Sit and rest on their

I breathe in the frozen cold air
And watch my dragon breath
Spiral up and out of sight
Just like hot air from a chimney.

I just stop and listen
For the smallest sound
Until my ears
Are screaming in silence.

The snow reminds me
Of precious jewels,
Glistening in
The morning sunshine.

Have you ever been to a place,
Just like this one and felt
completely alone?
Like you have the world in your grasp?
I have.
This is Lapland.
What do you think? Please comment! Thanks 
I will also add the company that really published my poem. It was the Finnish Embassy  in England, and here is the website. http://www.finemb.org.uk/public/default.aspx?contentid=183276&nodeid=35867&contentlan=2&culture=en-GB


  1. Molly, this is So lovely!

  2. Wow, Thank you! This was such a long time ago, I had forgotten I had even posted it!